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Spiritually enriched daily devotions use God’s word coupled with words relevant to today’s life issues to help produce a victorious life.

Physical effort is always needed to better one’s life. This self-help devotional book affords you a window in today’s troubled times to not only help you live better, serve better, and be better, but also helps to bring you into a deeper fellowship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

All proceeds go towards the publication of additional books to help inform, uplift, and bless more people.

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OBSTACLES: Fear, Self-doubt, Low self-esteem, Anger, Depression, Ignorance, Indecisiveness…


This is a compelling story about overcoming ones obstacles in an inspiring manner. The triumphant message from author Deborah Senior is one of comfort: with faith and hope, one can overcome anything!


“In this book, I wanted to bring to light the pain, anguish, and sorrow that had taken over my life as a child, and the many demons—real and/or imagined—that I had inside me as a grown-up causing so many obstacles in my life because of the choices I made in the past.

Finally, I was able to pass through a new and wider door, and began the journey of change. One lit with opportunities for joy, happiness, a  nd prosperity, as I grew brave and tore off the Band-Aids used to cover up the obstacles in my life.

I have left nothing untold: the shame, hurt, loneliness, addictions, damage, and desperation, etc…

My readers must know, in the journey of my life, I overcame all of the above and at no time did I let go of “hope.” Hope is the main reason why I am who I am today:  A child of God.

Today, I am a testament of “hope” and proof as to why we all must always be dreamers and never let go of hope…”

-Deborah Senior, Author


“If You Don’t Like the Feeling, Why Go There?” will inspire and motivate you to make “wise” decisions knowing full well, the decisions one makes today, whether good or bad, will follow us for the rest of our  life. Be brave, tear off the Band-Aids used to cover up the obstacles in your life. You will become the master of your environment, masterful in your choices and able to find the wind to direct your wings.


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Book Description:

It began with a happy childhood and quickly ended when Chiqui met her mother…

Shattered, confused, and abused, Chiqui grew up alone in a world where everyone and everything seemed to stand against her. Trapped in a life full of anger, loneliness, physical and sexual abuse, Chiqui must accept the life given and starve for acceptance from a mother she refused to believe didn’t love her. As she goes through life she quickly realizes to survive, the only person who can help her is herself. Pushed into darkness, Chiqui journeys through her life the hard way, quickly losing control.

She hangs on by a thread of sanity, men and drugs becoming her solace, her comfort and relief. Broken, Chiqui must find the light to end her never fulfilling life and discover the true key to happiness. Will she find it? Will her mind be forever broken?


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  1. deandre says: | 1/04/2015 at 11:00 am

    This book is very wonderful and it was a pertinent tool for my life…my step mom chantel gant sent me the book for my b day when I was in prison. The book was great and it also was a blessing to my life. Thank you Deborah .God bless you

    1. Deborah says: | 1/04/2015 at 12:35 pm

      Right on! Thanks.

      God bless you and yours~

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