If You Don’t Like The Feeling, Why Go There?


OBSTACLES: Fear, Self-doubt, Low self-esteem, Anger, Depression, Ignorance, Indecisiveness…
Life began with a happy childhood and quickly ended when Chiqui met her mother… Shattered, confused, and abused, Chiqui grew up alone in a world where everyone and everything seemed to stand against her. Trapped in a life full of anger, loneliness, physical and sexual abuse, Chiqui must accept the life given and starve for acceptance from a mother she refused to believe didn’t love her. As she goes through life, she quickly realizes—to survive, the only person who can help her is herself…


Pushed into darkness, Chiqui journeys through her life the hard way, quickly losing control. She hangs on by a thread of sanity—men and drugs becoming her solace, her comfort, her relief. Broken, Chiqui must find the light to end her never fulfilling life and discover the true key to happiness. Will she ever find it? Or—will her mind be forever broken?”

“If You Don’t Like the Feeling, Why Go There?” will inspire and motivate you to make “wise” decisions knowing full well, the decisions one makes today, whether good or bad, will follow one for the rest of one’s life.


I have left nothing untold: the shame, hurt, loneliness, addictions, damage, and desperation, etc…
My readers must know, in the journey of my life, I overcame all of the above and at no time did I let go of “hope.” Hope is the main reason why I am who I am today:  A child of God.
Today, I am a testament of “hope” and proof as to why we all must always be dreamers and never let go of hope…”

-Deborah Senior, Author


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