“Everybody needs encouragement, inspiration, motivation, and just a little bit of laughter…”

Meet Deborah Senior, motivational speaker and author of the books “If You Don’t Like the Feeling, Why Go There?” “On The Daily” and an E-book “A Mind Broken.”

What started out years ago in the quest for purpose, culminated into a business enterprise namely, JIM Unltd. Productions, which includes fashion, music, stage plays, and on-line videos.


“On the Daily: Make it Personal…”

Spiritually enriched daily devotions use God’s word coupled with words relevant to today’s life issues to help produce a victorious life. Click here! to buy or read more details.



In her book, “If You Don’t Like the Feeling, Why Go there?” Deborah shares her life challenges and uses all she has gone through to help inspire and motivate others to make positive decisions and overcome their  obstacles in life. Click here! to buy or read more details.




An E-book series named “Why Go There?” has been created and will be distributed in 3-parts. Not sure when book two will be ready. This series is a rewrite of “If You Don’t Like the Feeling, Why Go There?”


Book one of “Why Go There?” titled, “A Mind Broken” is now available on Amazon! Order your e-book copy and enjoy on your computer, electronics, and mobile devices. Book Description.






Watch the trailer to the WhyGoThere mini-series below!


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  1. Hi Deborah, I am a friend of Gerards, thank you for sending me your site….very interested to know about your life and your struggles……..

    1. Deborah says: | 5/11/2015 at 12:48 am

      Right On!

  2. Please add me to you daily and mailing list

    God Bless You!

    1. Deborah says: | 12/08/2016 at 2:53 am

      God Bless you.

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